Mario Batelli’s – Babbo

Last night I was given the opportunity to eat at one of New York’s finest restaurants, Mario Batali’s Baboo. I was highly intrigued to taste what this famous Iron Chef had to offer. Boy did he not disappoint. The menu at Babbo almost did the eater a disservice in offering many intriguing dishes including Grilled Octopus and Pig Foot “Malanese”. Being a consumer who enjoys different and exotic  tastes, I started off with the Warm Lamb Tongue Vinaigrette with Brown Beech Mushrooms and a 3-minute egg. The succulent textures of the lamb tongue, egg, and mushroom made every bite slide down with pure enjoyment. The vinaigrette did not mask any ingredients and was a nice touch along with the 3-minute egg whose yolk cascaded down once my knife pierced into it. Some at the table concluded this was the best dish of the night. For my main course I ordered the Grilled Quail with “Scorzonera alla Romana” and Saba. The quail was cooked perfectly to my liking of slight medium rare. What I loved most about this dish was the Saba. Saba is cooked grape juice, produced from the unfermented residue from red or white grapes as they are processed into wine. The complete bite of quail and scorzonera, a type of root, dipped in the saba made this dish very complete. Other memorable dishes included the Grilled Guinea Hen along with the Pear, Almond and Cranberry Cake “Sottosopra” with Spiced Ricotta Gelato. Other notes to add was a lengthy and diverse pure Italian wine list. Along with knowledgable servers and an enclosed atmosphere due to the large center piece in the middle of the room, I give Babbo 4.5 out of 5 stars.



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