Keidel: Football Won’t Be The Same Without Pat Summerall

Great piece on a person who made life brighter for others.

CBS New York

By Jason Keidel
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During the NFL’s golden years, Pat Summerall was its golden voice.

The baritone bard of the NFL for nearly 40 years, Summerall nursed an entire generation into the card-carrying, frothing football maniacs we’ve become. His broadcasting career was so distinguished that you’d never know he actually played the very game he framed from the booth in pitch-perfect harmony.

Like many of you, I was reared on football, proudly branding myself a Bradshaw Baby. I was weaned on Mean Joe Greene, viewing the game from my dad’s lap until we both learned to sprawl across a couch every Sunday; the living room our de facto church, the television our altar.

There are certain voices, microphone monoliths, who stick to a sport tighter than the uniforms. And while he did a divine job calling golf and tennis, Summerall is football, one of a small cadre of…

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